AM Apartment

Sarasota, Florida
2008 - 2009

This project explores ways in which the boundaries that define the “container” of an interior renovation can become generative of a new architectural language. Elements that are not easily relocated in a multi-unit building, such as structure, windows, and plumbing, are used as opportunities for innovation in form. The new container translates the sharp edges and haphazard arrangement of the existing shell into points of inflection along continuous surfaces, allowing light and material to smoothly enfold the space of living. The project name “AM Apartment” refers both to the changing qualities of light across the interior surfaces from morning until dusk and to “Amplitude Modulation,” a technique for varying the amplitude of radio waves to produce sound (AM radio). At the AM Apt, folding and undulating surfaces are modulated by the unseen structural and mechanical shell behind the walls, yet are calibrated by the qualities of living that give form to the interior. More (PDF)

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