AM Apartment Phase 2

Sarasota, Florida
2011 - 2012

This project continues the exploration of the first phase of constrution, examining ways in which the boundaries that define the “container” of an interior renovation can become generative of a new architectural language. (See phase 1 description.) Phase 2, begun two years after completion of the first phase, reorganizes a master suite into a series of thresholds from interior to exterior. A set of existing sliding doors and fixed screens divide the second-floor lanai from the courtyard. A new set of sliding doors divides the lanai from the bedroom itself. These disappear into wooden cabinets at either side of the opening, allowing the lanai to join with the bedroom or be separated by only a curtain. The acid-etched glass walls of the shower and master bathroom define the opposite side of the bedroom. This series of delicate, translucent and transformable boundaries allows for the potential for fresh air and natural light to enter deep into the apartment interior.

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