Crossing Fields Collaborative Workspace

Massachuestts, 2010-present

A renovation and expansion of the headquarters for a design and engineering company, Crossing Fields proposes a large open office punctuated by spaces for informal collaboration. Reverse Architecture's design reorganizes the ground floor of a haphazardly subdivided warehouse and introduces a large mezzanine area to house the cafeteria and two 2-story pavilions for team meetings. These social spaces are connected by footbridges which span over the open office area below, making tangible the spirit of collaboration which will characterize the growing company. The large double-height office space is sculpted by two "fields": undulating strips of ceiling tiles are draped from above while the ground floor is ordered by the integrated banding of the carpeting and furniture. These fields are arranged at cross-axes to one another, emphasizing the free-flowing movement of continuous vertical surfaces which tie together disparate spaces.

Collaborators: James Forren (schematic design), Radlab & Sjet (pavilion design)

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