Condensation House

Twenty Nine Palms, CA

A competition entry and ongoing research about design for water scarcity, the Condensation House project is both a prototype dwelling and community infrastructure. The house occupies a depression in the landscape which provides some protection for the scarce moisture from the desert sun and dry air. The home is designed to extract and preserve water vapor from every potential source. The “wet spaces” of the home are clad in foamed aluminum composite panels with integral piping for geothermal cooling. Their cool, conductive surfaces extract condensation from the air as they cool the home. They channel the condensate into an elaborate piping system which returns it to a graywater storage system.The center of the excavation for each house contains the hard infrastructure for a municipal water delivery and treatment system that is naturally scalable. We believe the future of infrastructure is distributed rather than centralized, and the Condensation House is predicated on this inevitability.

Collaboration with Skender Luarasi

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