Times Square IMAGO

New York, New York
2004 - 2005

A speculative project that looks at the relationships among data collection, marketing, image production, and the built environment, the IMAGO is conceived of as a condensation of particular economic forces that have given form to Times Square. An intensive mapping of the site suggests a process for rendering information as a conceptual landscape, a site for architectural intervention. The architectural proposal is as much media as building, its message being a “pure image” which translates content directly into form, bypassing meaning for the logical clarity of the processes of collection and display. Functionally, the IMAGO is essentially an interiorized electronic billboard, its backside turned out to the city and covered in sensors and cameras that gather data about the human activities going on around it. The interior, a panoramic vertiginous billboard, projects a continuously evolving image of this data. It is hollow except for a massive moving platform. It is experienced in a crowd, as an amusement.

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