Apartment C

Cambridge, MA
Completed 2010

This kitchen renovation is set in a 100-year-old apartment with many original details. The design seeks to introduce a contemporary aesthetic into this space without presenting a jarring juxtaposition of finishes. The new kitchen is a study of volume and mass expressed through simple material choices. The materials used are commonly found in historic New England architecture: cherry cabinets, a cleft-face slate floor, and soapstone counters and sink. These materials are also known to rapidly transform as they age. The cherry cabinets darken with time, the slate surface is worn smooth with use, and the soapstone gradually assumes a patina sympathetic to that of the aged finishes within the apartment. Much of the original woodwork was sanded and refinished, and the plaster lathe walls patched and repainted. The finished kitchen is inviting, warm, and functional, and it renews this historic apartment as a desirable living space for the next 100 years.

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