Apartment B

New York, New York
2008 - 2009

This renovation of a one bedroom apartment in New York’s East Village is a study in spatial density as expressed though concentric forms rendered in richly contrasting materials. Near the entry, the clearly defined solid masses and open volumes of the bathroom and kitchen areas form a series of intricately overlapping spaces. As one passes into the living area, the single large volume of the room becomes apparent. Contrasted with the density of form near the entry, the living area seems expansive and airy. Cast liquid materials are used throughout to reinforce the notion of density: glass tiles in the bathroom, a monolithic custom cast concrete sink, patterned concrete tiles in the kitchen, and a countertop made of recycled concrete and glass. Bird’s eye maple and stainless steel cabinets organized into simple volumes provide a contrast to the liquid weight of the concrete and glass, while transitions in paint color on the wall surfaces transform planes into spatial volumes.

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