Zigzag House

Falmouth, ME
2007- 2012

A single story home for a retired couple, the Zigzag House is organized around the notion of a path meandering through a landscape. Within the space of the home, this path forms a crooked spine punctuated by a series of interior apertures that frame oblique views across the space of the house and into the landscape beyond. The form of the roof bends along the spine as well, producing a dynamic relationship with the gently sloping land while also fulfilling a number of performance requirements. The Zigzag House is designed for minimal maintenance and upkeep expenses. It features a beneficial passive solar orientation, a “geothermal” ground source heat pump, a high R-value envelope with minimal thermal bridging, LED lighting, and materials which are naturally weather resistant. The Zigzag House postulates inhabitation as a form of passage across the land, producing a dynamic form within the landscape and an interior space that is simple yet intricate and inextricable from its site.

Photo © Brian Vanden Brink

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